Section 602 - Types of Wastes Prohibited (A-CC inclusive)

(B) Any water or waste which may contain more than 100 ppm, by weight, of fat, oil, or grease. (Ord. Number 871, 2-2-76)

Section 605 - Interceptors Required

Grease, oil, and sand interceptors shall be provided when in the opinion of the Administrator, they are necessary for the proper handling of liquid wastes containing grease in excessive amounts, or any flammable wastes, sand, and other harmful ingredients; except that such interceptors shall not be required for buildings used for residential purposes. All interceptors shall be of a type and capacity approved by the Administrator and shall be so located as to be readily and easily accessible for cleaning and inspection. (Ordinance Number 871, 2-2-76)

Section 606 - Maintenance of Interceptors

All grease, oil, and sand interceptors shall be maintained by the Owner, at his expense, in continuously efficient operation at all times. (Ord. Number 871, 2-2-76)

Fats, oil, and grease (also referred to as "FOG") are major problems for our local sewer systems. The main source of this problem is restaurants. The Lake County Sanitation District devotes many men and equipment hours toward cleaning manholes, pump stations, and sewer lines clogged with grease.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact the Lake County Special Districts Administration at 707-263-0119.