Citizen Ride-Along


  • Applicant must be 18 years of age unless they are a Lake County Sheriff's Office Explorer.
  • Citizens who participate shall be neatly dressed. Shorts, faded or patched pants, tee shirts, sandals, halter tops or similar casual attire will not be permitted.
  • All participants must read the "Statement of Inherent Risk" and sign "Waiver of Claims and Acceptance of Risks" prior to riding.
  • Participants shall follow all instructions of the Deputy to who they have been assigned.
  • Participants shall keep confidential names and/or other information which, if made public, could be detrimental to public safety or which may jeopardize the community standing of any citizen.
  • Participants shall not become involved, nor be permitted to become involved, in the official duties of the Department, unless specifically requested by the deputy to do so.
  • In the event that a deputy is dispatched to a hazardous call, the participant acknowledges that he/she may be asked to exit the vehicle and wait to be picked up after the danger is over.

Form can be returned to the Sheriff's Office, either by email, mail, or in person.