Groundwater Data

The Lake County Watershed Protection District measures groundwater levels in the major groundwater basins in Lake County.

  1. Countywide
  2. Big Valley

Staff measures water wells in seven major groundwater basins in Lake County. These are the wells that are normally measured in April and October of each year to assess groundwater conditions. Based on those measurements, groundwater conditions within each groundwater basin are summarized. These summaries are general statements and due to varying aquifer conditions do not cover all conditions. Individual well owners may experience conditions substantially different than the general condition (some of our wells show markedly different conditions than other nearby wells) and problems are more likely with shallow wells.

Current hydrographs (plots of water level over time) of the wells measured are available on the Well Hydrographs page.

If you would like the long-term data for a specific monitoring well or location, please email William Fox.

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