Vision 2028

Reimagining Lake County - 10 Years, 10 Key Priorities

  1. Consider and promote the well-being and economic resilience of every Lake County resident
  2. Maintain a transparent County government that is responsive, efficient, effective and fair
  3. Continue rebuilding and all efforts to recover from our recent disasters
  4. Enhance Public Safety
    • Protect our residents and serve them well
    • Develop and maintain a high standard of Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Recovery, in collaboration with all community stakeholders
  5. Grow our economy and spur creation of quality local jobs:
    • Focused Economic Development
    • Clean up our neighborhoods through Code Enforcement
    • Foster a business-friendly environment
    • Pursue funding to strengthen communities
    • Market Lake County as a premier California outdoor recreation destination
    • Advocate for Lake County's needs through targeted political action
  6. Improve our infrastructure:
    • Roads and Transportation
    • Water and Sanitation
    • Internet access for all
  7. Support the County workforce, through targeted training, retention and recruitment initiatives
  8. Collaborate with tribes, cities and community groups to maximize opportunities
  9. Care for our County's defining feature: Clear Lake
  10. Invest in Lake County's richest resource: our people
    • Provide pathways for our youth, leading to bright futures living in Lake County
    • Encourage volunteerism, service and action toward the common good
    • Recognize the wisdom and experience of Senior Citizens and serve them well