Library Survey

Lake County Library Survey

  1. Thank you for taking our survey about the library!

    Please help us by taking a few minutes to tell us about the service that you have received so far. We appreciate your use of the library and want to make sure we meet your expectations.

    You can leave any question blank that you don't want to answer.

  2. Please rate your overall experience with the library
  3. When did you last visit the library or use its services?
  4. How often do you visit the library?
  5. Which library locations do you visit? Check all that apply.
  6. Please rate the overall customer service provided by our library staff
  7. Please check all characteristics that apply to our library staff:
  8. Please check all areas of our facilities you find satisfactory:
  9. Are you able to find books or other materials you are looking for at the library?
  10. Please check the items below that you feel are true about our online library catalog.
  11. Which physical library items are important to you? Check all that apply.
  12. Which digital library resources are important to you? Check all that apply.
  13. What kind of library events are you interested in? Check all that apply.
  14. In general, please rate the quality of library events you've attended.
  15. I would be likely to learn about what is happening at the library if the information was...
  16. What is your age group?
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