Jury Trials

Report to the location on the date indicated below.

Note: Dates may differ from the court and/or the date listed on your subpoena.

Jury Trial Schedule 

For the week of November 21st and 28th, 2022 (updated November 18, 2022)

Please see the Preliminary Hearings page for preliminary hearing information.

DefendantWhenDepartment #DDA
NONEWed. 11/23

Charles Williamson - #1Wed. 11/30Dept 2R. Watson
Thomas Bard - #2Wed. 11/30Dept 2N. Rotow
Charles Parlet - #3Wed. 11/30Dept 2N. Rotow
Paul Fortino - #4Wed. 11/30Dept 2R. Watson
Travis Hill - #5Wed. 11/30Dept 2R. Watson
Randy Whiteman - #6Wed. 11/30Dept 2N. Sachs
Brian Stepp - #7Wed. 11/30Dept 2N. Rotow

Note: If you do not see your trial listed here, it has been canceled or rescheduled.