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Get Informed, Be Prepared

It is essential that County residents sign up for emergency alerts. If we cannot reach you, we cannot alert you in the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) or emergency situation. Encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up as well.

Disaster conditions can emerge anytime, and there was a PSPS Event in California in Early June, 2019 (PDF).

Prepare Now. Help your neighbors to prepare, as you are able, particularly those with special needs.

PG&E Weather Preparedness

  • Is a PSPS likely to occur in the next week?
  • PG&E defines PSPS probabilities using the following categories:
    • Not Expected - Conditions that generally warrant a PSPS event are not expected at this time
    • Elevated - An upcoming event (a period of gusty winds, dry conditions, heightened risk) is being monitored for an increased potential of a PSPS event
    • PSPS Watch - The company Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated for a reasonable chance of executing PSPS for public safety in a given geographic zone due to a combination of adverse weather and dry fuel conditions. A PSPS watch is typically only issued within 72 hours before the anticipated start of an event
    • PSPS Warning - The company Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated and customers in areas being considered for PSPS have been or are being notified. This level indicates execution of PSPS is probable given the latest forecast of weather and fuels and/or observed conditions. PSPS is typically executed in smaller and more targeted areas than the PG&E Geographic Zones. This level does not guarantee a PSPS execution as conditions and forecasts may change

LakeCo Emergency Business List

A group of community members, in partnership with numerous local organizations, has collaborated to develop the "LakeCo Emergency Business List." This list documents the service level expected to be available from many Lake County-based organizations, in the event of an extended power outage.

This is not a County government-initiated project, and has not been fully vetted by any official County agency, but we are aware there is great public interest and significant potential value in this list. We likewise appreciate the considerable undertaking this represents, largely done on a volunteer basis. Lake County is strongest when we work together, thank you to those who are contributing!

Open the Business List in Google Docs or the Google Docs App.

Business Resources

Interested business owners can find information regarding these resources through a variety of sources, including the CA Office of the Small Business Advocate website and the California Small Business Development Center.

Community Resource Centers

During a declared State of Emergency, such as a major wildfire event, shelters, cooling centers and/or other resource centers are typically available. These are most frequently supported by State and Federal funds and reimbursements that are not expected to be available in the event of a PSPS.

When PSPS events occur, PG&E does plan to partner with cities and counties to stand up PG&E-branded Community Resource Centers (CRC). PG&E is expecting to largely install pop-up tents at outdoor locations, though indoor facilities with available backup power generation will be employed where possible. These Community Resource Center locations are expected to be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and accessible via public transportation, and are anticipated to include:

  • Security
  • Traffic control
  • Charging stations
  • Wi-Fi access, where possible
  • Water
  • Other basic amenities

Community Resource Center locations vary from event to event. Locations are announced by PG&E, when available.

What to Expect

It is very important that all understand PG&E's Community Resource Centers (CRC) are not the same as the shelters the County and partners stand up when we experience a wildfire:

  • CRCs are not typical disaster shelters, and do not provide overnight lodging, for example
  • Basic services, such as those listed previously, are expected to be available
  • What to Expect at a PG&E CRC (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Videos

Sam Euston is a freelance community videographer who also lends audio and visual technical support to County Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings. His private media company, Euston Productions, has compiled a playlist of Emergency Preparedness videos. These were recorded at community events, including an April Cobb Safe meeting and PG&E's June 22 presentation at the Middletown Fire Station, and collected in a June 30 Facebook post.

Topics of interest include: