Engineering & Inspection


The Engineering and Inspection Division is responsible for the design and construction of a wide variety of Public Works Projects, traffic engineering, transportation planning and consultation, and coordination with the public and private sectors regarding Public Works construction practices and procedures.

Additionally, staff provides consultation and coordination with public and private engineers, contractors, developers, and the general public regarding public works construction practices and procedures. Field surveying and materials testing laboratory services are also provided by this staff.

This Division also includes the obtaining of professional property appraisals, developing agreements with property owners or their agents relative to the purchase of land and easements for public improvement purposes. Additionally, staff processes those actions necessary to dispose of surplus county property, easements, and similar assets.

Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering segment provides basic traffic engineering services, including:

  • The maintenance of a traffic accident database
  • Countywide speed and volume studies
  • Participation of the Traffic Advisory Committee (TRAC)
  • Research and response to requests for traffic regulatory signs (speed limits, stop, etc)
  • Review of land development proposals as they impact traffic safety,
  • Investigation and formation of recommendations on the elimination of hazardous road conditions
  • Reviews transportation permit applications
  • Providing staff with information for use in designing road projects