What if our employee has elected not to maintain any insurance?

The children should be enrolled in any plan that will reasonably provide coverage where they live unless the court has ordered coverage by a specific plan.

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1. What does the Order/Notice to Withhold require me to do?
2. Where do I send the support I withhold?
3. What if the name and social security number do not match my employee?
4. I have several employees with an Order/Notice from your office. May I combine all of their deductions in one check?
5. What do I do if the employee has multiple Orders/Notices and does not earn enough to satisfy them all?
6. What do I do if an employee has other non-support income attachments?
7. What should I do if the employee tells me not to enforce the Order/Notice?
8. What if the employee quits, is terminated, or is laid off?
9. Can I send in support deductions by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
10. If I lay off and then re-hire an employee. do I need to submit another New Hire Report to the Employment Development Department?
11. What is my responsibility as an employer in regard to health insurance for dependents?
12. What if I don’t offer health insurance to my employees?
13. If multiple plans are available, which one should the child(ren) be enrolled in?
14. What if our employee has elected not to maintain any insurance?
15. Can I wait for open enrollment?
16. What do I do if there is a lapse in coverage?