Once a road zone of benefit is established, can it be dissolved?

A road zone of benefit can be dissolved by the initiation of the Board of Supervisors or by the initiation of the property owners or residents. A petition signed by 51% of the registered voters in the zone or property owners of 51% or more of the assessed value of the land and improvements is required to initiate a dissolution.

If the formation of a road zone was a condition of approval on a final map, a waiver of that condition must be obtained from the Planning Department before dissolution can proceed.


A filing fee of $200 is required to initiate the dissolution process. The actual costs to the County, including any fees charged by the State Board of Equalization, will be taken from the initial payment. Any costs over $200 must be paid by the zone before the dissolution will be recorded and may result in additional assessments or charges to the zone.

Remaining Funds

Any funds held in a zone account at the time of dissolution will be used for expenses related to the dissolution. If there are funds remaining once the dissolution is complete, they will revert to the County General Fund.

What Happens to the Road

Since irrevocable offers of dedication exist, the road will remain a public road. The County may choose to accept the road into the County Maintained Mileage System or the County may choose to vacate the road, returning it to private use. The residents may request that the Department of Public Works vacate the roads, however, the road will remain public unless and until the Board of Supervisors take formal action to vacate the road.

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